Pressed Metal Ceilings were used in the new Sydney Town Hall in 1889. They were chosen over traditional materials for specific reasons. They were lightweight, strong, flexible, easily installed, and wouldn't crack when the large new organsounded lower "C", vibrating the whole building. The Sydney Town Hall ceilings have lasted over 115 years and are still in perfect condition.

These characteristics are very suited to Australian homes and public buildings, allowing a great deal of building movement without any noticable effect. When Pressed Metal Ceilings (Aust) set out to learn the art of pressed metal installation, it soon became apparent that restoration of those existing magnificent ceilings would become an integral part of our business. Once we were able to unlock the secrets of the pressed metal artisans of bygone years, we then had to perfect the disassembling technique required to restore the damage caused through decades of neglect and so called modernisation.

This technique did not reveal itself easily, but with patience fuelled by a passion for heritage conservation we are now able to disassemble these works of art and restore them to their former grandeur. We are able to remove all or parts of these ceilings to allow access for repairs to decaying timber  frame or for the installation of modern day amenities such as air conditioning, electrical, fire sprinklers, etc, and put each panel back into its original position.

We are able to reproduce any pattern too badly damaged to repair or that has extensive corrosion. In addition we also supply and install reproduction pressed metal ceiling and wall panels, cornices, center flowers and mouldings for new buildings and existing buildings being being refurbished to suit client specifications. Today's reproduction panels are made from an aluminium alloy designed to harden substantially when pressed to produce a strong corrosion resistant durable product. All components are supplied primed and ready to paint.